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SVN is an international company providing professional facility management and maintenance services. We offer our customers profitable solutions in the field of management and operation of real estate. SVN has over 200+ corporate offices around the world and is one of the leaders in commercial real estate management. In 2017, the company took 6th place in the ranking of the most recognizable real estate brands in the United States (as a year earlier). SVN Eastward Property Management is the Russian division of the international corporation SVNIC. Provides professional services for the operation of commercial real estate. The scope of the company includes a full package of commercial real estate management: technical consulting and due diligence, infrastructure management, technical maintenance of engineering systems and communications, pre-operation of buildings, maintenance of tenants and so on. The company entered the Russian market in 2014. The SVN portfolio includes objects of retail, office and warehouse real estate, multifunctional complexes with a total area of more than one million square meters. In 2017, the Russian division of SVN received an award in the Commercial Real Estate category of the PRO Awards Internet & Projects. In 2019, the company took second place in Moscow and MO in terms of retail in service, according to the rating of the Russian Council of Shopping Centers.

Sperry Van Ness was established.
Sperry Van Ness becomes Sperry Van Ness International Corporation. The advent of the franchise has opened up new opportunities for development.
150th office opens in the USA.
Kevin Maggiakomo has been appointed the President and CEO of Sperry Van Ness. The company is on the list of leaders in the American real estate market.
The company is in the top 10 most recognizable real estate brands in the United States. In the same year, the first representative office in Russia was opened.
Sperry Van Ness ranks sixth in the ranking of the most recognizable real estate brands Lipsey.
Sperry Van Ness conducted a global rebranding and changed its name to SVN.
SVN confirms its place in the Lipsey ranking.
SVN ranks second in terms of the number of retail space serviced in Moscow and the Moscow region.
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