Oleg Zakharov

An important condition for the successful exploitation of the shopping center is the drawing up of a competent technical task for the management company. What any owner of the property should take into account, we asked Oleg Zakharov, business development director SVN.

Please tell us about the standard terms of reference for managing the shopping center. Who does it usually prepare for, what items are included in it and is it possible to review the document already prepared?

The terms of reference (TOR) are made by the management company from the owner of the real estate object or the contractor company whose management passes the facility. In the first case, we are contractors for the operation of the building, in the second we are subcontractors. Customers, as a rule, manage without their own engineering services and hire us for this work, first of all making up TOR.

It prescribes the main points necessary for the correct calculation of the service cost: the area of ​​the building, the number of engineering equipment, the estimated number of staff and their positions, work schedule, etc. Customer sometimes reviews the terms of reference — most often it happens because some important conditions were not taken into account or a customer realized that this TOR was originally drawn up «crooked».

In my practice there were cases when we managed to convince a potential client on certain points, and he changed the conditions for all bidders. Hence the answer to the question whether the TOR can be revised. The deadline for the tender is mandatory in the invitation to participate, but often they are not respected: the organizing company transfers the deadline for announcing the winner. I will not say that we encourage this, but such are the realities of the market.

What is necessary to take into account when drafting the TOR?

I would recommend that customers register not only common things in TOR, but also particulars. For example, the reasons for holding a tender, the terms of the contract with the winner, the boundaries of responsibility of  MC and tenants to the customer, wishes for future contractors for certain types of services. Here I mean cleaning, garbage removal, industrial mountaineering, etc. On the one hand, it is possible not to prescribe it, but competent MC will necessarily have similar questions. The customer will have to spend time on their clarification. In my opinion, it is better to compose a competent TOR once with the involvement of all the necessary specialists, than each time to request information from colleagues and duplicate these responses to all bidders. As a rule, the contact person does not always understand all the points of technical specification, technical characteristics of the object. It takes precious time to get the information you need.

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