HR Director Irina Vdovina wrote a column for «Business World». She shared with her readers her opinion on overtime work.

Работа сверхурочно: когда она выгодна, и как должна поощряться

With the furious rhythm of modern life an overtime work is not news. Moreover, many employers take for moveton when employees leave there workplace at exactly 18:00 or 19:00, depending on the schedule. I, as an HR director, should support such companies, since recycling is often not paid and, therefore, goes into the plus to the employer.

But we need to understand that human resources are the most valuable thing that an organization has, and they can not be neglected.

In the end, this threatens constant turnover, a general dissatisfaction with working conditions and a tense atmosphere in the team. As they say, the miser pays twice. From the positive, you can identify a few things for yourself: self-discipline, self-development and team spirit. I believe that everyone decides for himself whether to work overtime or not.

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