Your own or from the Vikings?

There are two types of government. The first - "from the Varangians", we are talking about an invited company. This organization exists by itself and its relations with the settlement are negotiable. The management company is transferred to engineering systems, security and other facilities that ensure the peaceful existence of residents. If the organization is working poorly, it is sent into retirement and changed to a competing firm. With the board in DNT and SNT, the situation is somewhat different. His duties are the same as those of the invited management company, but these people are not alien - they are elected from the residents of the village. At the same time, says Marina Velikoretskaya, CEO of SVN, they can attract contractors to some specific areas of activity. From the legal point of view, says Maria Sokovtseva, head of sales department of the department of suburban real estate PENNY LANE REALTY M, regardless of the format of the village, the board is formed in accordance with the law. Otherwise, we are talking about a spontaneous-voluntary neighborhood, where all agreements are concluded in good faith. In organized settlements (the association can be not only DNT, STN, but also HOA), additionally prescribes the charter, according to which the owners solve common problems. For example, at a general meeting, estimates are approved, agreements are concluded with the Criminal Code, the budget for the next year. Unfortunately, says Maxim Sukhoparov, business director of Optiland, the practice shows that not always the owners who took responsibility for the management of the village have sufficient competence - this concerns DNT and SNT. In the case of the Criminal Code, such situations are excluded, because the management company is a specially organized unit, whose tasks include a professional, prompt solution of all household needs of the village.

Board structure

In the board of DNT and SNT, there must necessarily be a manager, an engineer, an electrician and an accountant. As part of the MC there are a manager, two technicians, security guards, a cleaning service, a construction department or a subcontractor for repair and construction work. But each object decides to what extent it is possible to inflate staff - sometimes salaries of hired workers go from 50 to 60% of the budget.

Position - active landlord

In some MC, the work is organized in such a way that the residents control everything is online. Each of our village, says Marina Velikoretskaya, has its own forum, pages in social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram), chats in messengers. So there is no special need to hold meetings, as was customary before. Where there is no online communication, tenants are at the meeting in person. The number of those who come is not very high - 30-40% of summer residents, if the meeting is ordinary (it discusses the issues of spending funds for current needs). If the important issues are solved - the replacement of electrical systems, the cost of capital repairs, etc. - turnout increases to 60-70%. Such low indicators disappoint, because behind them there is indifference, passivity of inhabitants.

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