Marina Velikoretskaya

Marina Velikoretskaya, SVN’s General Director, talks about the development of facilitaty management in Russia and the West, the relationship of owners and MC and Russian «nuances» with a minus sign.

— Marina, how did facility management industry feel last year?

— In 2017, our industry did not feel very comfortable, because the volume of construction decreased. We still cannot reach the pre-crisis level. Handed square meters of commercial real estate last year is rather modest figure. We observed the main competition in the exploitation market for «old» facilities that were not built last year. The mood of investors and developers in 2017 was on the side of housing construction of economy class and apartments. On the second place were shopping centers and storage facilities. The non-attractive segment turned out to be business centers.

— What forecasts can be made for this year? What dynamics can we observe now?

— I would not predict any obvious positive dynamics. The trend for housing construction will continue this year. The objects of trade will also be built, but we will not see them in large numbers — these will be literally units, with the bulk of retail space going to residential buildings. BC-giants, most likely, we will not see. And if we see, it will be a drop in the sea. The market has so far shrunk in anticipation of improvements in the country’s economy.

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