Pavel Lyulin at the "Business Center Management" conference

26 October 2018

On October 25, the VII annual conference “Business Center Management” took place at the German Center for Industry and Trade, during which leading experts discussed the main trends of the existing market, shared their know-how and, based on the three main components of management, tried to form an optimal model of a modern office facility.

SVN's CEO Pavel Lyulin shared the secrets of avoiding conflict situations in working with contractors and outlined ways to solve such problems. “In order to avoid conflicts, it is necessary to remember that the goal of all departments is the same — an efficient building. The most frequent conflict of interest is the expenses of the owner and the income of a management company. The tools for resolving such conflicts are quite simple - these are tenders and negotiations. ” To the question “... should the SLA be a part of each contract?” Pavel answered: “I don’t think it can solve all the issues.”

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