Pavel Lyulin has participated in “SMART FM: Facility Management for Smart Management”

25 October 2018

"SMART FM: facility management for smart management" conference was held on October 24 in St. Petersburg. One of the main components of Facility Management is work of all life support systems of an object: coordination of people's work, systems, buildings, processes and technologies. In order to effectively manage an object, it is necessary to competently combine technical knowledge with management skills.

SVN's CEO Pavel Lyulin told audience about "one-window" service. Combining all exploitation services is the historical practice of international companies. Russian market of facility management is also gradually comes to this. By combining administrative functions and complex process automation, you can save up to 15% of the cost of each service. Instead of hiring individual managers, you can take a more versatile specialist and pay him extra for advanced functionality. Pavel told at the conference about how to achieve such indicators.

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