Pavel Lyulin was appointed as a new SVN's CEO

17 October 2018

Pavel has been working in the field of commercial real estate for over 15 years. He has held senior positions in such companies as ADG Group, ECE Rusland, Stockmann, IKEA.

Among the projects implemented by Pavel Lyulin, one can highlight the MEGA shopping and entertainment center (St. Petersburg), the Stockmann Nevsky Center shopping center (St. Petersburg), the GoodZone shopping and entertainment complex (Moscow), the Vremena Goda Galleries (Moscow) SEC "AURA" (Yaroslavl, Surgut), Central Children's Store in Lubyanka.

Pavel was directly involved in all stages of the objects' life cycle: built, took part in operation, launched, managed. The newly appointed CEO has the necessary competencies that enabled him to occupy a key position in the company: operational management of the building, technical operation, cleaning organization, safety and security, fire safety, interaction with the inspection.

Lyulin graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. He is the author of several books, textbooks, articles on real estate management, Dr. habil. (management), Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Property Management (SAIM, Yaroslavl).

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