SVN announces the beginning of cooperation with Alibaba Cloud

28 October 2021
On October 1st, SVN Facility Management Company began maintenance of engineering systems in the office of Alibaba Cloud (a subsidiary of Alibaba Group), located in Moscow City.
The scope of services also includes an audit of engineering systems, equipment, documentation, as well as consultation in relevant areas.

Though this, SVN is expanding its partnership with the Alibaba Group ecosystem.

Earlier in April this year, SVN signed a contract for the maintenance of office premises of AliExpress Russia, a joint venture between Alibaba Group, Group, Megafon and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

Alibaba Group is a digital ecosystem for buyers and sellers. It first appeared in 1999 as a trading platform for small and medium-sized businesses and in 22 years has expanded to 700 different businesses. This includes B2B platforms, logistics services, ad networks, cloud computing tools, financial services, entertainment and media assets.

SVN Eastward Property Management is a Russian franchise of the international corporation SVNIC.
The company provides services for the complex technical maintenance of commercial real estate.
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