Safety in shopping centers

  • Апрель 5, 2018
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In connection with the tragic events in Kemerovo, the issue of shopping and entertainment centers safety has acquired special relevance. In Russian cities, massive inspections of trade facilities are conducted, proposals are being made in the State Duma to amend the laws on construction of a shopping and entertainment center and to tighten the responsibility for issuing permits for their exploitation. It becomes obvious that in the near future this segment of the market can undergo serious changes.

Entrance doors are often closed to control the perimeter of the building — this is the simplest solution to the problem. At the same time Alexander Golovachev, senior engineer at SVN, PhD in Technical Sciences, explains: «Ensuring the antiterrorist protection of buildings and structures according to regulatory requirements implies carrying out a whole range of activities. In this complex, the entrance doors to the building are not at all the main place. Locked doors do not create special problems for trained terrorists. »

At the same time, visitors and employees of the centers should not forget about the capabilities of the police, even if it threatens to temporarily suspend work — security is worth it. «If you find suspicious things / items, I recommend that you contact the relevant law enforcement agencies directly,» says Alexander Golovachev. — They have the appropriate specialists, and the corresponding inspection equipment, special equipment. The employees of the private security establishment, as a rule, do not have the required qualifications, they can significantly complicate a situation by their actions. Maximum that the employees of the private security service should do is to prevent strangers from entering suspicious objects.»

It must also be taken into account that the security requirements are changing. «What was properly built yesterday, may not today fully comply with the new rules and regulations in force. The service life of the building is not less than 30 years. If there is no significant physical deterioration of the building structures, a «skeleton» of the building, and the placement itself, the functional of the building are commercially attractive, there is no reason to demolish such an object, — Alexander Golovachev is sure. «A new building is not always better than what was previously built.»

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