Secrets of recruiting from HRD Irina Vdovina

  • Февраль 6, 2018
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Where to get employees, how to conduct an interview with them, what are the criteria for selecting candidates for this or that vacancy? After all, as you know, cadres decide everything, and the success of any business depends on the quality of personnel.

«Recruiting employees is a routine job, but every company begins with it . We attract candidates in several ways. The easiest way is to check the responses on the job search sites every day and send invitations for the interview. My advice to colleagues: be sure to review all responses and give feedback at least in the form of an automatic reply «The employer is not ready to invite you to an interview.» These are good-sounding rules that inspire respect for the company. Otherwise, you will necessarily encounter a negative, and it will be absolutely deserved. In our case, the official website of our company has effectively proved itself in the recruitment process», Irina Vdovina, HR director of the management company SVN, said.

Naturally, format of interviews with the applicant depends on the position the candidate is considering. «For example, electricians may be interviewed by phone and I may immediately invite them to a meeting with the head, thereby reducing the chain of interviews. But this applies only to the category of employees who work mainly with «hands». Most often, in such cases, we ask not to send a resume to such positions, but we are ready to write down information the candidate reported about himself. We advice to come to the interview with a work record book or with a copy of it, so that you can immediately check the data announced on the phone. But with middle and senior managers we always talk in person and only after that we send to the meeting to the head», Irina reported.

After the applicant was informed that he had been selected and his candidature approved, a very complicated but extremely important period of adaptation was coming. «In our company, the adaptation takes place in parallel with the preparation of the employee for official duties. For example, secretaries in business centers are constantly trained to know the basic things: what correspondence they can receive, how to correctly answer phone calls, how to look according to the dress code. In addition, all personnel working with electrical and engineering systems are trained and then tested. Training is carried out not only on its own, but also involves training centers for personnel. This mainly applies to electricians, mechanics, and labor safety engineers. Without special certificates, we cannot provide the appropriate services for the building exploitation», said Irina Vdovina.

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