On April 10, specialists of SVN and the engineering company "BUREAU of TECHNICS" conducted a webinar on the use of energy-efficient technologies in construction. Speakers of the event were Marina Velikoretskaya, CEO of SVN, and Evgeny Teslya, Deputy Director for Sustainable Development of the "Bureau of Engineering". More than 50 people have registered for the webinar.

The main focus was on reducing the energy intensity of real estate and choosing a strategy for managing the "green" buildings. Also on the webinar there was introduced a new standard GREEN ZOOM for operated buildings, developed in 2017 by the working group. It includes SVN, Sawatzky PM, NAI Becar (part of the Becar Asset Management Group), Zeppelin, Arteco, Black Stone Keeping Company, St. Petersburg: 3S Development, Technological Service, Yekaterinburg management company RED. The development of the new standard was conducted under the guidance of the professional organization ANO "NIIURS", which oversees the development of the GREEN ZOOM system.

Marina Velikoretskaya presented an overview of buildings that used solutions to reduce the costs of operation and construction. In particular, Marina told the audience:

- how to reduce heat loss in buildings;

- how to organize natural ventilation in the building;

- how to use the heat of the earth and autonomous sources of energy conservation;

- how to automate the artificial lighting in the building.

Evgeny Teslya presented practical cases with demonstration of examples of implementation of energy-efficient technologies on the example of Russian business centers of the capital and regional scale. Evgeny introduced the participants:

- scheme of energy modeling;

- an indicative estimate of operating costs;

- an example of the implementation of energy-efficient solutions in business centers and the result of their application;

- specific savings from the introduction of technology.

The partners of the event were Zeppelin, web portals ShopAndMall.ru, BIBOSS, OFFICEvMOSKVE, Zdanie.info, 1RRE.ru, The Property, Urban Report, analytical agency RWAY.

All registered participants will receive speakers' presentations via e-mail. All interested persons can receive materials on a preliminary request.