Rechnoy shopping center in the north of the capital signed a contract for the complex operation of the facility. Property Management services will be provided by Alto Properties Management Company. The Facility Management operator’s choice was made in favor of SVN. The total area of the shopping center, opened in 2010, is about 27 thousand square meters. The facility is part of the property of one of the closed-end mutual funds managed by Sberbank Asset Management.

The shopping center includes four levels, about eighty shops, cafes and restaurants. The coverage area of the shopping center unites two densely populated districts of Moscow — Levoberezhny and Khovrino. The concept of Rechnoy reflects the phrase «all that is needed — along the way.»

SVN will work in cooperation with Alto Properties, a division of Alto Assets. SVN’s tasks include integrated technical maintenance of the facility.

The Rechnoy shopping center replenished the portfolio of shopping centers in operation of SVN. Besides, the company serves such shopping and entertainment centers as Riviera, Milya, Viva and Karnaval.