Among the jury members are eminent developers, designers, urbanists, managers. The meeting was attended by SVN general director Marina Velikoretskaya.

"About 200 works were submitted for the competition, but we selected only a few dozen. The main nominations are Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, and Country Real Estate. Parameters for project evaluation were very diversive - design, materials, energy efficiency, concept, accessibility, etc.", comments M. Velikoretskaya.

The award ceremony will take place on September, 28 at the French Embassy in Moscow. The organizers will conduct a drawing of two vouchers to France between the nominees. In addition, the jury will announce the winner of the grand prix of the competition.

PRO Awards Internet & Projects 2017 is designed to identify and reward professionals in the construction industry: architects, designers, builders, contractors, and building materials manufacturers in the following areas:
The best web sites in the sphere of architecture, design, construction and real estate;
The best implemented solutions in the field of residential, commercial and urban real estate.