«DEVELOPMENT Estate: Practice, Analysis, Technologies» is a magazine for professionals in the real estate market. The media is suitable for professionals engaged in real estate development. Also it’s a media platform for: sharing practical experience and developing a database of the most successful cases; scientific analysis of key stages of creation and development of real estate in the modern world; promotion of new technologies in the construction industry. The magazine is published in paper and electronic format.

Official website: www.de-pat.ru.

GREEN ZOOM is a professional system for reducing energy intensity and improving the environmental performance of civil and industrial construction projects. The development of the system and the development of standards GREEN ZOOM is carried out by a working group supervised by ANO «Research Institute for Sustainable Development in Construction» (NIIURS). GREEN ZOOM is an instrument of modern design and construction practice, which increases the energy efficiency, water efficiency and environmental friendliness of any development project. The second function of GREEN ZOOM is the system for assessing the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the designed and constructed buildings.

Official website: www.greenzoom.ru.