Pavel Lyulin spoke at the Retail Property Management Conference

17 February 2020

On February 12, industry experts met at the IV Annual Retail Real Estate Management practical conference to discuss which trends determine development of the segment, which concepts of shopping centers are most relevant today, how to efficiently use retail space and which ideal tenant-mix is.

Opening the meeting, Alexander Morozov, CEO S.A. Ricci, outlined the trends that will develop in the coming years. Among them is the reconception of the shopping center. “Many shopping centers are concerned about change in their concept. Owners are engaged in improving the area, increasing entertainment areas, gaming and lounge areas, lighting, decoration. There is an increase in the turnover of catering (food halls, grocery stores, coffee houses, healthy food), the speaker noted.

Pavel Lyulin, CEO of SVN , answered the question about operating trends, saying that the cost is growing, because now there is an active process of “whitening” the facility market. He also noted that competition intensified, as companies created under development and banking structures entered the market. They are often less professional.

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