Sergey Rodionov 

   Technical Director

    Russia, Moscow

    Kaloshin lane, 4

    Phone: +7 (495) 374-87-84



Moscow State University of Food Production with a degree in Mechanical Engineer
Moscow State Technical University of radio–engineering, electronics and automation with a degree in Industrial Electronics Engineer

Sergey works in the real estate management and operation more than for 16 years. Sergey was engaged in management, technical maintenance, operational audit of the office real estate, shopping and entertainment centers in LLC Cushman&Wakefield company, LtD EUROCEMENT group company, SAP CIS. Sergey accomplished the duties for the implementation of management procedures and department services interaction, the positive client relationship formation with the owner and tenants.

In 2014 Sergey with Sperry Van Ness Eastward Property Management team was trained in SVN head office in the USA. «Judge a man by his questions not by by his answers» – Sergey thinks that this Voltaire citation is applicable in any field including management, where the ability to ask the right questions is the hallmark of a professional man.