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SVN® Eastward Property Management —
unique solutions in commercial real
estate management for property owners.

About us

About us

SVNIC® is an international company providing professional real estate services. All over the world, our company's experts offer the best commercial property management solutions to owners and tenants. With over 180 corporate offices worldwide, SVNIC® is the market leader in commercial property management. In 2014 the company ranked 8th in the ranking of the most recognizable real estate brands in the United States.
The office of the company in Russia SVN® Eastward Property Management has been operating since 2014. The company's goal is to implement international trends, standards and technologies for the management and operation of commercial real estate in the Russian market.

Our mission

We strive to make people's lives more comfortable and safer by organizing internal processes of managing their real estate. Our job is to solve problems before they arise.

SVN® Eastward Property Management is a world-known company. In 2014, the SVNIC® brand took 8th place among the most recognizable brands in the real estate industry.

  35 180 8 150 20+ 1,5 m


35 years of international experience


180 offices around the world


8 years on the Russian market


150 experienced employees


20+ completed projects in Russia

1,5 m

1.5 million m² of completed projects


The quality of our work is confirmed by positive feedback from customers and partners

We are very glad to cooperate with your company in the joint project of the 4DAILY shopping center. We hope that next year our cooperation will become even closer, mutually beneficial and fruitful. ©4DAILY

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Let us express our special gratitude to you and the entire SVN® Eastward Property Management team for their dedication, professionalism and coherence in solving the tasks set! ©Woori Bank

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We would like to note the efficiency in solving emerging problems. A constructive approach to the process of operation of the UCS was noted by us at the stage of commissioning. ©Phoenix Contact

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We recommend SVN® Eastward Property Management as a professional and reliable partner, able to take into account the specifics of each object and offer the best solutions. ©Aquarelle Shopping Center

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SVN® Eastward Property Management company fully justifies our expectations: admits only trained and qualified personnel to work, provides personnel with personal protective equipment, conducts an assessment of potential risks before starting work, uses high-quality and certified equipment. ©BP

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We recommend the SVN® Eastward Property Management as a long-term partner in the operation of real estate and hope for the most effective cooperation. ©Wilo

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During their work at the facility, the employees of the SVN® Eastward Property Management have established themselves as a professional and well-coordinated team, successfully applying the best practices of American building management in their work. ©LOTTE RUS

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We would especially like to note the rapid response of SVN® Eastward Property Management employees to emerging tasks, understanding the needs of the customer and completing the entire scope of work on time. ©Land Retail

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We would especially like to note the level of organization of the operation process, as well as a responsible approach to the maintenance of engineering systems and the speed of response to requests. ©Riviera Shopping Center

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Let us express our special gratitude to you and the entire SVN® Eastward Property Management team for their dedication, professionalism and coherence in solving the tasks set! ©The Walt Disney Company Russia & CIS

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Gals Development







We have created our own real estate management organization system. This system combines universal solutions for all types of buildings and individual adaptation of work processes for each object

Budget control

We optimize the costs and expenses for the maintenance of facilities.

Integrated Facility Management

We organize work in the format of “single window services”.

Individual approach

Flexibility in drawing up a facility operation plan.

Safe Stay

Trouble-free operation of all engineering systems is a guarantee of the safety of visitors and employees of the building.


Main contacts


16, Bumanskaya St., Moscow, 105005

Sales department


Chief commercial officer

Department of Human Resources


HR Manager

01 Services

Technical audit and consulting

Consulting services

  • Assessment of energy supply of buildings and technical and economic indicators of systems and equipment;
  • Recommendations for the selection of engineering systems and equipment in terms of cost-effective operation;
  • Modernization of engineering systems and equipment available at the facility
    Advice on reducing operating costs;
  • Assessment of the current state of engineering systems in terms of energy efficiency.

Technical audit

  • Assessment of the actual state of structural elements and engineering systems of the building;
  • Checking the operability of engineering systems, equipment and the level of provision with communal resources;
  • Determining the risks of emergency situations and the urgency of overhaul of structures and engineering systems;
  • Assessment of the existing energy efficiency management model.

02 Services

Maintenance of engineering systems

Service systems

  • Power supply and lighting;
  • Water supply and sanitation;
  • Heat supply and heating;
  • Ventilation and air conditioning;
  • Refrigeration supply;
  • Fire and low current systems;
  • Lifting mechanisms and vertical transport;
  • Automatic doors and gates.

What are we doing

  • Scheduled maintenance of equipment and engineering systems;
  • Accident prevention;
  • Preparation of buildings and engineering networks for seasonal operation;
  • Regulatory activities and administration: maintenance of a full package of technical documentation at the facility, interaction with supervisory authorities;
  • Control of quality and terms of service, preparation of detailed technical reports with conclusions and recommendations.

03 Services

Integrated Facility Management

Cleaning services

  • Internal cleaning and cleaning of the adjacent territory;
  • Green planting care, phytodesign;
  • Cleaning of premises after major repairs and finishing works;
  • Windows cleaning;
  • Roof cleaning from snow and ice, removal and disposal of snow;
  • Garbage removal;
  • Deratization and pest control.


  • Development of the concept of a security system;
  • Physical security of the object;
  • Ensuring the functioning of the access control system;
  • Rapid response to emergency situations;
  • Develop instructions and conduct periodic training sessions for tenants and staff.

Reception service

  • Information support for visitors and tenants of the building;
  • Reception and registration of visitors to the facility;
  • Prompt reception and distribution of incoming correspondence.

Commercial management

  • Lease management;
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  • Budgeting and regular financial reporting;
  • Drawing up monthly and annual estimates for the operation of the facility;
  • Control over the execution of budgets, analysis of efficiency with the necessary optimization.

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If you are looking for a contractor, you can invite us to participate in your tender. We provide a full range of real estate maintenance services and work with objects of any complexity.

    Invite to tender

    If you are looking for a contractor, you can invite us to participate in your tender. We provide a full range of real estate maintenance services and work with objects of any complexity.